Sick of getting stuck in traffic jams? Hate having to wait for a crowded bus? Want to cut your commuting time? What you need is a moped or scooter.

If you’re looking to save money on petrol mopeds are a great alternative to cars or public transport or motorbikes. They can easily get through heavy traffic and are a great mode of transport for city life. Apart from that they can be terrific fun.

Mopeds have a smaller engine capacity than motorbikes (up to 50 cc)  and the speed is limited to usually to around 30 mph. Scooters are limited to a top speed of 50 mph for the 125cc machines.

The term moped originally meant motorized bicycle and the machines usually had pedals. Recently though the term has been increasingly applied to machines with limited engine capacity but without pedals.  Mopeds can be the step through variety with or without pedals and the step over time similar to a regular motorcycle.

Sports mopeds for sale

The sports moped is powered by a sporty 50 cc engine and has sleek limes. The  fuel consumption is  miserly. The ideal machine for zipping around town. Just twist the throttle and go. Suitable for 16+ with the CBT license. This machine is fully automatic with both electric pushbutton start and kickstart.

Retro mopeds for sale

Harking back to the 1970s this zippy little machine sports classic lines and an eye-catching styling that will bring fun to the daily commute. Despite features a reliable for stroke motor comes in a variety of eye-catching colours.

Ninja mopeds the sale

This trendy race inspired machine Combines excellent fuel economy with a striking stylish look. The excellent 50 cc four stroke engine makes it a perfect run around for younger riders.

Viper mopeds for sale

The 50cc Viper moped is sure to get you noticed, being available in a variety of bold colours and has sporty aerodynamic styling. With electric push button start and kick start and fully automatic twist and go throttle, this smart machine combines good looks with practicality.

125cc Classic scooters for sale

These are a whole lot of fun. Just twist the throttle and away you go. With a larger engine capacity than the moped, the 125cc scooter has a top speed of 60mph but still has an economic fuel consumption. The modern looking machine has a style that harks back to the classic looks of the early scooters.

125cc Cruiser scooters for sale

These fast machines are available in edgy black, steely silver and deep red and come with an excellent 4-stroke engine. Great for getting you to your destination quickly or just cruising around.